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Inclan testified she fell asleep and did not hear her phone ring.Burris said Inclan’s support of Williams’ claims about what happened in the SUV were unreliable because Inclan was drunk from consuming alcohol at Ozzie’s.

Payton, 48, was present for the concluding final arguments Tuesday morning, but was back in Oakland visiting his ill mother when the verdict was reached, said his lawyer, John Burris.

She said she did not know he was a former NBA player and that they went out on a date the next night.

Williams said the two eventually traveled together, including the trip to Seattle in late January 2015.

“He’s his own individual and he can live his life the way he wants.” In his rebuttal to Burris, Goldberg said that unlike most domestic violence cases, Williams had a witness to the alleged first attack on her in an SUV, where a colleague of Payton’s at Fox Sports, Yvette Inclan, was riding in the back seat.

“This is a case about a woman being battered in a relationship by a professional athlete,” Goldberg said.

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American former professional basketball point guard, Gary Payton is always getting into trouble.

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