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The anticipation of seeing him in person was killing me, but it was so worth it.

Finding him on the site wasn't just easy, it was fun and it was such a great stat to our relationship.

Finally if there was any question about his sexuality, I made him a fencer. We get to the graveyard, and this guy almost immediately starts to attack me. That’s when I realize that since I am a ghost I can have my horse follow this guy where ever he goes.

Let’s face it fencing is the gayest form of swordplay, so he had to be a fencer. It drove him nuts to have this horse just stuck to him in town where everyone can see.

Texas_Son_20My dad was military and I've always admired those who served.

After my last relationship (civilian) ended, I gave Active Duty Dating a try hoping I could cut it with a military guy. While I wait for him to come home, I'm recommending this uniformed dating site to everyone, because those who serve deserve love.

Fully qualified officers must be capable of leading personnel from widely varying backgrounds while executing the Navy’s strategic diversity initiatives.

The Navy’s ability to meet this leadership challenge depends, in part, on having leaders who reflect our very best, including performance, professional experience, education, and the spectrum of professional communities.

Want ULookin Sharp Always thought guys in uniform were hot, but after I met my boyfriend on Active Duty Dating, I knew that they could be hilarious and kind, too.

I'm gonna be honest, I went on the site just because I thought I could meet hot, buff guys there, but I got so much more than that.

Uniform dating here worked great for me, and then some!

Why Not123I came to Active Duty Dating totally by accident but that turned out to be awesome luck.

I thought why not sign up while I'm here, the guys look great.

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As soon as you've set up your account, you're ready to start browsing the best and largest collection of gay service members and civilian admirers.

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