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Gracie Ancelotti is kidnapped soon after, and the kidnappers demanded the diamonds back from Giovanni Ancelotti in exchange.

Luis and Tony safely exchange the diamonds for Gracie, which resulted in Tony losing out on million but apparently remaining at peace with the Ancelotti family.

At the height of his career, he also owned the clubs Peacock, Platonic Fury, and Cox.

In 1996, he was arrested for possession of cocaine.

Sometime between 19, the counterpart straight club in Tony's portfolio, Death By Machines also burned down, after which point Tony was briefly banned from opening new venues.

In 2003, his hiatus ended and he was allowed to open Maisonette 9, but still came under heavier scrutiny for his club's policies on safety, age-checking, and drug use.

However, during the resulting shootout, the diamonds are thrown onto a passing truck, and thus both parties leave empty-handed.

He executes the cook, then sends a team of assassins after Luis, who manages to escape.

Luis must work for Tony's loan sharks, Rocco Pelosi and Mori Kibbutz.

Because of his debt Tony is interested in selling off Maisonette 9, sometimes even resorting to fraud (such as pretending to sell the club to two people at once, and briefly considering setting up a Ponzi scheme).

Tony sees a last chance to pay off his debts in buying and selling some million diamonds for a small profit.

When Luis, Tony and his boyfriend Evan go to buy the diamonds from a cook at the Platypus, they are all ambushed by the Lost biker gang, resulting in the death of Evan (who Luis instructed to go a separate way and stash the diamonds at Maisonette 9).

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After the failure of 2 Backed Beast, he opened Hercules in 1998.

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