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Don’t just flail your hands around every time you utter a word.If you do this, your date will either think that you’re Italian or you have a severe case of epilepsy. Of course, you can’t use hand gestures if you keep them hidden in your pockets.We always want to be at our best in the presence of a special someone, especially during dates where we would want to give them the right impression.That’s why people spend a lot of time, effort, and resources in making themselves look good by buying the right clothes, grooming themselves, and choosing the right words in conversations.Not only does it direct attention to your dapper suit, but it gives you the aura of being a dignified, well-bred person.So give your lapels a slight tug prior to sitting and after standing.

It is the reason why this gesture is used when the national anthem is sung – to imply that you mean every word you say. This gesture is done by holding the hand up with the palm facing your body.This gesture is commonly used by great thinkers in interviews and portraits as a sign that they are capable of complex thinking.Again, use this if you want to give your date the intellectual impression. This gesture is normally done in a table setting where both palms are relaxed and face down on the table, with the forearms forming a triangular shape and your upper body leaning forward.Aside from these methods of prepping, little do people know how their own hands can help them become more enticing in a dating situation.No, it does not involve you touching the other person in weird places, but rather, using hand gestures to further improve your chances at winning in the dating game.

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