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Record temperatures, above 40 Celsius, are expected later today and already the white marble terracing of the outdoor theatre is like a hot iron, so Mira and I take refuge at a caf nearby. I mean when you go for a coffee you go for at least two hours.' There were Jewish, Romanian, Greek, Turkish and Gypsy quarters, and the only bad time she can remember was the ill-fated name-changing policy of the 1980s when those of the minorities who refused to change their name to a Bulgarian equivalent were victimised, being refused work and all benefits.

A mindless drum and bass sample thuds out, hugely over-amplified. She had many Turkish friends in school who were forced, temporarily, out of the country.

The landscape of heathland and low bare hills is undistinguished, and remarkably empty.

In Western Europe a major highway like this would be a development magnet, studded with warehouses, distribution centres and business parks.

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Moving deeper now into the south-east corner of Europe, along the fast four-lane autoroute that connects Sofia and Bulgaria's second city, Plovdiv, across the Plain of Thrace.

Much of the Black sea coast is covered by long beaches with fine white sand.

The sea is non tidal, less salty and warmer than the Mediterranean.

Bulgaria is famous for its 1,600 natural hot water springs, they present excellent opportunities for health tourism.

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The Maritsa valley, in which the city lies, was a natural conduit for trade through the Balkans and the commercial importance of Plovdiv/Philippopolis is marked, as in Durrs in Albania, and Ohrid in Macedonia, by the remains of a large Roman amphitheatre, set on a hill with a perilously balanced wall of columns and pediments creating a dramatic frame for the city beyond.

I meet up here with Mira Staleva, a young woman born and brought up in Plovdiv.

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Tourism has flourished recently and holds a firm lead in the Bulgarian economy.

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