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Most women who date minorities also date white guys, but a lot of women date white exclusively.

I don't take it personally, just the breaks in life.

In other situations it can be a benefit, just not when dating white women.i) hypergamous and proud (India is much more openly patriarchal than the West despite having developed Americanised pop-culture),ii) and some of the most high SMV women in the world, i.e. Develop internal locus of control and breathe deeply. White women (or women in general) don't need to give anyone the time of day.

possibly out of the league of most betas If you can change any or all of this you might be onto a winner :)Also, it totally sucks that white women treat you as lower SMV than a guy who would be in your league were you both the same race. Look at it this way: you can't be interested in a woman because of her looks, and feel shocked that she's not interested in you because of your looks.

I never understood this fear brown men seem to have with boning white women.

So sexually and in love they seek out a dominant partner that they can take care of and also worship as leader.

This mainly occurs if you are of a different ethnicity, nationality, or if there is a massive age difference(at least 10 years) because goodlooking white women do not seem to want to seek dominance from a white male counterpart of around the same age.

I'm currently dating an American white girl, but I'm pretty sure she has a brown fetish since she's an Asian Studies major who has visited India before.

I think its only natural for an in-race preference, but whats truly interesting is that not only do white women prefer white dudes, women of other races (other than black) seem to also prefer white guys.

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