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However, the changing views of romance in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (known as DDLJ) include Simran’s father’s view, that marriages are arranged by family elders and love will follow.The film’s opening scene shows his love for his traditional homeland and his detachment from London where he lives.When Veer later learns she loves him, he leaves his job to go to Pakistan, where he is imprisoned as a spy.This film was seen as the great Yash Chopra’s tribute to Punjabiyat or Punjabiness, showing that while the state may have been divided on religious grounds in 1947, there is much shared culture and history.Shekhar brings Shaila to Bombay, where he is a journalist, as it seems a modern city.However, after six years, they are faced with rising intolerance between the communities and their family becomes under threat.The songs of sorrow (‘dard bhare geet’) produce longing that was celebrated in Indian aesthetic theory as ‘vipralambha shringara’ – love in separation. It is no coincidence that Shah Rukh Khan, the biggest romantic hero of the last 20 years, weeps beautifully and often.

The film uses songs composed but never used by the late Madan Mohan, mostly sung by Lata Mangeshkar, which give an older feeling to the film.

Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan as Simran and Raj became one of the best-loved screen couples of all time.

They fall in love on a European rail holiday, but when they return to London, the most romantic moment occurs when Simran invites Raj to come to her arranged wedding and he refuses.

In the second half of the film, the plot has to find a resolution, taking the film to the full three hours.

There should be five to eight songs to mark nodes in the narrative, such as meeting, falling in love, union, separation and so on.

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This twist turns the seemingly transgressive story into a very conventional one, that of love developing after marriage rather than before.

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