Is ross lynch dating selena gomez

" Ross added that he thought Maia was a good kisser.

That certainly adds fuel to the dating fire, don't ya think?

Ross' mom's name is Stormie Lynch and Jane Lynch has no kids at all.

Yes the last name Lynch is common no relation of the two of them!

Kiernan called his shirtless photo "hot" on Instagram, you guys, and they have nothing but praise for each other.

The actress said to , "Ross is the best, and I couldn't imagine having a better person to be 'shipped with.

I think our relationship [on Sabrina] is so pure and so sweet. I think that a lot of people are going to be as well, and I don't blame them." But, they have never confirmed to be anything more than friends and neighbors.

Then there have been some lovey Instagrams between them. They haven't officially confirmed their relationship directly, but the majority of fans seem to think love is in the air and they aren't denying it.The last Instagram Ross posted of the model was uploaded in July 2017. They both gushed about how fantastic it was to work with the other one.For example, Olivia said in an interview, "I'm very grateful to know him and to have worked with him." But, there never were any photos or Instagram official confirmation that they were hooking up.After all, Ross defended his rumored girlfriend after people were hating on her on social media.SELENA Gomez has seen her star rise to international superstar status over the last few years.

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