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Meanwhile, Katy tied the knot with British comedian Russell Brand in 2010 but their high-profile romance ended two years later.

So, with that in mind, I’m happy to share with you that we are fairly confident over here at Date Coop, that Coop-a-loop (that’s what I call him when I’m feeling feisty) is not, I repeat, not dating Jodie Turner-Smith. Well, she’s been rumored to have just gotten a marriage license to wed Pacey Witter, also known as Joshua Jackson. Naturally, I will have to get all the spoilers from people before I finally watch it in my living room, with the lights on, and the ability to mute the TV, because everyone knows that the best way to deal with a stressful scene you don’t want to watch is to mute it.

(RIP.) “But, Kate, this could all be a long-game between Cooper, Jackson, and Turner-Smith! The real point of this is that you can safely cross her off the Bradley Cooper date list, as her dance card is full up, already.

Taylor Swift, who is set to release her seventh studio album later this month, is in third place with 121 million singles, but that could change in the coming weeks depending on the success of her new singles.

Eminem is in fourth place, with 107 million singles moved in the U. Perry’s huge digital numbers are thanks to the monster singles she’s released in the past decade, including “Dark Horse” and “Firework,” which have been certified platinum 11-times, making them diamond singles.

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