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The Brazilian couple have a six-year-old daughter and a lot in common, having both grown up without their respective mothers.But their happy relationship was rocked to the core this month when they discovered the unimaginable: The pair are brother and sister– and the ‘mothers’ that abandoned them as babies are in fact the same woman.The two met on Forget uk in November, and began emailing each other.

Although they’ve never formalised their relationship, they consider themselves married.In 1989, Kemp married and, while she divorced her husband after only a year, she decided to keep her husband’s name, no longer “Sarah Bentley” but “Sarah Kemp.” Bentley said he searched for his sister but, having absolutely no idea where she was or that her name had changed, his search was unfruitful.“After a while, I think both Sarah and I gave up looking," Bentley said.“Of course it would have been different if we had known all this before, but we didn't and we fell in love.”The couple also said that they don’t blame their mother for the sibling snafu and have spoken to her a number of times since and have even made plans to meet up with her again.“We thought it was funny that both our mothers had the same name, but it is a common name so we just thought it was a coincidence,” Adriana said. But we had a family meeting and told everyone that we are going to stay husband and wife, whatever anyone might think.”While Adriana and Leandro’s family matter may seem strange (and it is), it is also part of a scientific theory called Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) that occurs when “two adults who have been separated during the critical years of development and bonding and are reunited alter as adults,” according to a GSA website.This type of attraction that occurs between separated family members can been defined by people not having experienced what is known as the Westermark Effect, a proposed psychological effect that hypothesizes that people who live in close domestic proximity during the first few years of their lives (i.e.

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