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“That is exactly why she was killed — because of gender identity.”Recently released court records and an interview with Tiffany show the police department had evidence, but did not tell the media, that the victim may have identified as a transgender woman who went by the female name Papi and was potentially targeted due to gender identity.If so, that would make the Louisville homicide the seventh case in two months in which trans women of color have been killed.“They start talking, Papi tells him that he is a transvestite, dude is like, ‘What the fuck,’ and leaves,” the detective confirmed.Tiffany replied, “Yeah.” Later the detective asked why Papi identified as transgender to the man: “Do you think that’s why Papi did it, to kinda get it out there to begin with? I used to get my ass whooped for it.”Speaking to Buzz Feed News, Tiffany said she made it clear to police Gleaves acted out of anger in response to Edwards’ gender identity.It was always a man,” despite widespread confusion about the victim’s gender identity. Six transgender women of color in the United States were killed in the first two months of 2015, the highest rate recorded in two months.This case would make the seventh such confirmed homicide this year.

And just hours after the homicide, Tiffany told investigators the gunman attacked Edwards after getting mad that Edwards identified as transgender — staging an ambush in a hotel hallway.

As advocates and anti-violence experts search for reasons the killings appear to be increasing, they have questioned if the victims were attacked due to their actual or perceived gender identity.

While advocates have tried to understand the spike in killings around the country, the cases have also fueled outrage for their mishandling by police and media.

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