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CHRIS NEUMER: You were supposed to talk to me today at and stood me up. Do you find that your acting ever slips out into your everyday life or your persona?

It’s a release of emotions, it’s a place to channel whatever energy you have inside and creative energy and all that stuff. Have you had the opportunity to display significant range in the roles that you have taken? Surprisingly in the film that I have coming out right now, , I wouldn’t have expected to get as much opportunity to be able to show that range as I did.It’s a chance to put on a different persona and become somebody else. CHRIS NEUMER: Now looking through your filmography–and normally I don’t admit this–but I figure it will probably come up anyway, I don’t think I have actually seen anything that you have been in. You don’t want to act like you’ve seen anything if you haven’t. There are so many scenes where I am dealing with the loss of my boyfriend–he dies in the beginning of the film–and dealing with the possibility of the people around me dying.There are a lot of emotional scenes where I’m just sort of talking and letting all that out. I was sort of worried that it might not really fit. CHRIS NEUMER: I know this differs from actor to actor, but what is something that you find challenging that you would like to tackle?I thought she was amazing not only as an actress but physically amazing and got to show so many different parts of what she could do.CHRIS NEUMER: When you say that, is there anything specific that she did that you were like, “Wow! MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD: Throughout the whole movie I was amazed at the strength that she was able to portray in the character, but at the same time, her vulnerability.

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I’m fine with love scenes, I’m fine with sexual characters and things like that, but I feel that nudity isn’t really necessary.

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  1. She is also a big drinker - since she's just getting into that stage in life - whilst he has been there and done that and would rather settle for a few quiet beers in his house these days.

  2. And deleting his number doesn’t help because you’ve either memorized it or can just contact him on Facebook or Instagram I am not really big on “rules” when it comes to love and relationships or even life in general for that matter.