Massively multiplayer online dating game

Here you can be what you secretly wish to be, but normally wouldn't dare.

If acting out your fantasies is your thing, Second Life may indeed be your game.

It's where you go to sell your body on the street, rob and murder other characters with management's blessing, or walk around naked, hoping to get raped.

This one's absolutely not for the kids, not even the ones who are allowed to play GTA.

By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.The 'girl next door' effect is way higher than in real porn.We're dealing with a limited user base that comes together in a limited space....The extensibility of the world and the game mechanics quickly led to the release of Second Life Teen, which placed some restrictions on what could be done.In the uncensored version, a whole flora of very, very adult activities has arisen. Take for example Thomas Struszka, the editor of in-game porn rag .

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