Men dating younger men

There are plenty of younger men who act like grown adults and are drawn to older women because they feel a deeper connection with them than they do with women their own age.

But if you decide to date one, just be aware that his friends won’t necessarily be “old souls” as well.

Younger men often seek out older women because they like being taken care of and they might feel that women their own age can’t satisfy that need for them.

If you like constantly cleaning up after your boyfriend and doing his laundry, great; if not, make sure you get to know his self-care and cleaning habits as a single man before you jump into something serious with him. If combining your social circles is important to you, be aware that your younger partner’s friends may truly act their age (or younger than their age).

If you fall for a younger guy because he’s “fun” and has more energy than men your own age, just be aware that those positive qualities can accompany signs of immaturity that he hasn’t grown out of yet. It can be hard to relate to someone who’s just graduated college when you’re a few years into your actual grown-up career.

If you date a younger guy, remember that you’ll also be dealing with his comparative lack of life experience.

Sometimes this can be refreshing and take you back to the days when that he wants his girlfriend to replace his mom, but a lot of them sure act like it.

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