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It may be that the incident occurred after 2008, but I doubt it was much later as they were still getting registrations and they would have been very heavily Gmail biased by that time.One possibility that would explain the ginormous volume of data that was taken (the extracted breach file is 33GB) is an insider threat.

There's been no information forthcoming from anyone about when this breach actually occurred and there's no explicit indicators in the data dump either (sometimes there are timestamps on account creation or website activity). The passwords are stored as SHA1 hashes of the first 10 characters of the password converted to lowercase.So that's the best estimate I can draw on the evidence here - My Space was probably hacked in the mid-2008 to early-2009 time frame.The data is now searchable in Have I been pwned (yes, all 359,420,698 unique email addresses) and if you do find yourself in there and know when your account was created, drop a note in the comments below and we might be able to crowd source a more accurate picture of when this event occurred.Let's find some stats on the previous year, for example this cart from Tech Crunch in Jan 2009: Here the ratio of Gmail to Hotmail starts out at about 1:2.5 in Oct 2007 and finishes at about 1:1.5 in Dec 2008.Now again, this is not to say that as of the end of 2008 My Space would have had 1.5 Hotmail accounts for every 1 Gmail account as they'd already had 6 years of accumulating Hotmail customers and only a couple of years of Gmail customers (at least since they went out of beta).

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