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During their cleaning work, Mike discovered recorded audio interviews in a box marked "evidence" in a file room.In the film's scariest and most disquieting moments, he progressively listened to nine psychotherapy session audio-tapes from 1974.Doe confessed to the sin of Envy before killing Mills' wife Tracy (Gwyneth Paltrow) and having her head delivered to their location in the middle of the desert (although Mills was skeptical at first): I wish I could have lived like you did... I'm trying to tell you how much I admire you and your pretty wife... I'll be around." Posing as His Brother Ben, An IRS Agent, Tim Thomas Investigated Various Individuals to Decide Whether to Provide Them With His Services or Gifts - Not Tax Relief But His Own Vital Organs; He Was Haunted and Guilt-Ridden by a Seven-Fatality Car Accident That He Had Caused, and Was Paying Back Seven Individuals Who Needed His Help; His Own Suicide at the End of the Film Provided His Corneas and Heart to Two of the Seven Individuals Italian director Gabriele Muccino's unbelievable emotional drama hopscotched around within the plot (moving back and forth in time), so that major details and spoilers regarding the heavy-handed and dark film were deliberately kept obscured until the very end.It was about a sacrificial quest for redemption and atonement following a fatal accident.Asbestos Cleaner Gordon Fleming and His Cleaning Crew, During a Job at an Abandoned Insane Asylum, Encountered The Haunting Ghost of a Disturbed Past Patient Named Mary With Multiple Personality Disorder; By Film's End, Gordon Had Murdered His Family and His Crew of Workers; He Was Staying in Mary's Room Surrounded With Pictures of His Family; He Was Possessed by Mary's Most Evil Personality Named 'Simon' - Heard on Mary's Session 9 Tape An asbestos cleaning crew worked at a condemned mental institution (closed since 1985), although built in 1871 as the Kirkbride Mental Health Hospital.[Note: The setting was the real abandoned Danvers Lunatic Asylum.] The institution held a dark past, tortured patients, and a psychologically-unsettling feeling of dread within every corridor and room.

However, he seemed to talk to his wife on the phone from time to time afterwards, asking for her forgiveness.

The driver, Tim Thomas (Will Smith), an MIT graduate and ex-aeronautical engineer for Apogee Aeronautics, had crossed a highway dividing line, spun out of control, and caused a van to roll.

[Note: The ambiguous film title was possibly a reference to Shakespeare's play The Merchant of Venice in which an indebted person had to offer a pound of flesh.

" Simon (with Mary's voice) replied: Presumably, the grief-stricken, deeply-conflicted Gordon - as a way to protect himself from the horror of his own crime - had in parallel fashion, been possessed by "Simon" and murdered his family, reflecting what Mary had admitted to the psychotherapist about her own murders.

[Note: There was also the possibility that the abandoned mental hospital was also physically haunted by one of its former patients.] In the unforgettable, nail-biting, concluding climax, maniacal but methodical serial killer John Doe (Kevin Spacey) offered to confess.

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