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Sons are usually more prefered daughters because sons are supporting elderly parents.

The marriage of a daughter and her dowry is often a heavy burden for shoulders of her parents.

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After the girl is married, the main event for her is the birth of children. As children grow and status of the mother increases, especially if she has a couple of sons. In the local community the situation of pakistani women are very peculiar.As we have seen, in our ancestral times, risk-taking was directly proportional to reproductive success as far as men were concerned.Men who were risk takers were better able to pass on their genes to the next generation.To be a frequently successful hunter, one inevitably had to take more risks. Secondly, they felt safer in the company of successful hunters who’d already proven themselves to be brave risk-takers and thus could better protect women from predators and other men.Successful hunters, on the other hand, also gained by having more women around them.

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