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He changed their second date from drinks to an early breakfast, which he spent peppering her with questions about “the industry.” She was initially charmed by all the questions—it’s really nice to meet someone genuinely interested in your work—but she soon realized she’d been tricked into an informational interview. “It was like I was the nerd in math class and he was signing my yearbook but not giving me his number,” my friend said after the fact.There are spaces that are designed for building professional connections, and spaces that are designed for building mattress connections.There are two kinds of people: those who are disgusted by the prospect of networking, and those who literally cannot stop networking.You can spot a serial networker immediately because he has business cards on his person at all times and because he offers to “connect you to the mashed potatoes” at Thanksgiving dinner. This week Bumble launched Bumble Bizz, an app for the serial networkers among us. It’s about time someone knew what to make for an app like this. Having friends by your side makes the whole thing more fun, more safe, and more authentic.

Sex ratio varies widely between submarkets, with younger submarkets having more men and fewer women than older ones.

The beautiful thing about dating apps is that you don’t have to wonder whether someone is approaching you because they think you’re cute or because they want to network with you.

When you sign up for a dating app you’re entering into a social contract with all the other horny people on there: You’re saying that you’re available, and that you’re going to use the app for its marketed purpose (sex).

Serial networkers are menaces in every context but especially on dating apps.

One of my friends, a great beauty who works in reality television, recently encountered a serial networker on Tinder.

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We study the structure of heterosexual dating markets in the United States through an analysis of the interactions of several million users of a large online dating web site, applying recently developed network analysis methods to the pattern of messages exchanged among users.

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