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I think my desire to write this book comes from the fact that I read a lot of young adult fiction when I was growing up, and also, I read it to my children. And PEI is gentle, pastoral, with the beautiful beaches. She has a temper, and the constant conflict in that book is her trying to be a lady, and being unable to be a lady, needing to express her opinion.And that's where the humour comes from in that book. Flannery has red hair, and that's a direct homage to Anne of Green Gables. She's not based on anyone in particular the way fiction sometimes is. I could hear her talking, and that was kind of a gift in a way.But I think the ones that have — because I gave to teenagers before it was published to get some feedback — I think they're experiencing it in the same way.Flannery has relationships with adults, but she is also totally in love with Tyrone, who is the quintessential unobtainable heartthrob.He is a graffiti artist, the cops are after him because he's sprayed a few banks and other institutions, and he's gorgeous, but he's also got a few problems of his own.When you say though, that you did run it by a number of teenage readers, what have you done to make sure that everything rings true in it? One of the little items that came up that one reader pointed out to me, is that they don't have blackboards in schools anymore.What kind of an experience is a teenager getting reading this book?

If I were to return to the Maritime Canada again the first person I would call would be Jill. I emailed Jill and she called in just a few minutes and rearranged our schedule. The highlight of our trip was Fogo Island and stayed at the Fogo Island Inn. Our community host, Eugene, was a great host and made us feel right at home. He is a retired local school teacher and has written several books and poems about Fogo Island. We decided not to move as the alternative was a bit too far out of town.And when you think about it, Anne of Green Gables smashes a slate over Gilbert's head — the technology has changed in schools! But the truth, what we feel deep down, seems to be a kind of an essential thing.And even though there's technology in the book ...She is funny and the characters that surround her are funny and the situations she gets into are funny.But I don't think it's easy, being 16 in high school.

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To complete her planning Jill knew of special events that were scheduled where we were including the Festival of Small Halls on PEI, the Tattoo in Halifax, and other cultural opportunities along the routes that she outlined. Jill was wonderfully helpful during the whole planning process. Jill spent a lot of time on the phone with me discussing options.

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