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At some point, his past mistakes will catch up with him.Maybe he'll learn a lesson and stop bailing on relationships with zero warning, or maybe he'll wind up alone and bitter.Eventually, though, he began to get doubts, and instead of voicing them like a human being with a shred of decency, he decided to cut and run.Think of it this way: at least he didn't all of a sudden vanish on your wedding night, or leave you with several kids. Don't blame yourself, or obsess over every moment of your relationship looking for a sign, a warning, anything, that would explain what he did.Seriously, everything "appeared" to be going great, but now he stopped calling, won't return my calls or texts. It's particularly rough, because he seemed like the perfect guy. He might have commitment issues, or a fear of abandonment which causes him to bail on a good thing prematurely.

Have you ever had a woman who seemed really interested in you when you first met her, but when you called her or texted her later, she never called or texted you back?

Many women, especially the more attractive they are, have so many dating options that they just don’t get around to giving some good guys a chance.

She might be a woman who did have some interest in you at first, but you may have unknowingly said or done something at some point during your initial meeting that turned her off.

I’m not saying that if he doesn’t get in touch, you should forget about him.

Something may have come up out of the ordinary that prevented him from coming through.

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