Online dating sites for depressed people

We met on a site where we had a mutual interest and she took a liking to my views and opinions. We talked for many months, exchanged photos, video chat, and the rest is history. After the breakup, these sites have led me to feeling worse about finding someone.Admittedly, I haven't got out to meet women in the flesh, but it sounds like I'm going to have to make time for it.

Part of me wants to know more and part of me is afraid of what I'm going to see/read!DM1000, A lot depends on which dating site you are frequenting.I have a lot of experience with dating sites, and I can tell you that some dating sites are worse than others.I have messaged what I would consider some pretty average looking women, but who seem to have substance, and I don't get a single response.I have received several messages from very heavyset women.

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