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Privacy refers to those who make their identities known while keeping some of their actions and information secret.

Anonymity means showing others the type of person you are and the things that you do without revealing your identity.

You might be a little embarrassed if you think you are sending "lots of love" with a LOL message to someone going through a rough time when they read the meaning as "laugh out loud." The same goes for double-checking the meanings of emoticons, which can also be easily misinterpreted.

An online radio station plays your favorite tunes in one window while you are furiously typing away on a Word document for an upcoming homework assignment in another window.Source: Over time, your values and life experiences shape the person that you've become.Those experiences have helped you develop your core values, form your opinions, set your comfort levels, and determine the course of your life.You can choose to share these things about yourself anonymously online to give you the opportunity to connect with strangers.Being anonymous can also give you more control over how you manage your time as others don't know how to get in contact with you without your consent.

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By Sarah Fader Updated December 06, 2018 Reviewer Lauren Fawley Source: If you could say whatever you wanted without fear of judgment, do you think that you could commit to revealing everything that's on your mind, good or bad?

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