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In 2006, a genetic test claimed that Oprah’s matrilineal line originated among Kpelle ethnic group, which is today found in Liberia.Her genetic composition was determined to be 89 percent Sub-Saharan African, 8 percent Native America and 3 percent East Asian.2.Oprah Winfrey lives on her property named “The Promised Land”.

Her time on air, however, expired after she was removed as a co-anchor in 1977 and was given lower profile positions at the station.Oprah Winfrey is a billionaire philanthropist, talk show icon, producer, actress, and writer.The media icon famously dubbed “The Queen Of All Media” owns and hosts the highest-rated television program in the media circle.While in school, Oprah joined her school speech team and became an honors student. For her performance, the media icon landed a job in a radio station while still in High school. Her ability to speak off the cuff got her transferred to daytime talk show arena.She charmed the crowd with her extemporaneous speech and thus the show got uplifted from a third-rate Chicago talk show to first place.

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