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In more details, the code in question is below: process, which means that we pull a new image before running the container(s) of a given rock-on.It still follows docker’s logic, however, so if no newer image is found on docker hub when compared to what exists locally, nothing will be pulled and docker will simply use the local image.I know @Haioken and @Flox haved weighed in on that in some past posts …

The Rock-ons system is in active development right now so things are moving.

although I should differentiate between the docker image and the plex version (of which the image always pulls the latest, aside from this time around due to the API changes). One question remaining is that when uninstalling a Rock On, should it not also remove the associated docker image with it?

You are correct, the image remains after rock-on uninstall.

@Flox thanks for the detailed explanation, that helps.

I, too, think that it would have been too great of a coincidence that they republished right before/after my testing.

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