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A date is also a considerably more complex datatype than a string or a number.

It has multiple parts (year, month, day, hour, and so on), and there are many rules about what constitutes a valid date.

The default TIMESTAMP format includes both the date offset and the time zone offset. As with TO_CHAR for numbers, you use another version of the TO_CHAR function to convert a date or a time stamp to a string.If, however, you take the quiz at PL/SQL Challenge, you will be entered into a raffle to win an e-book from O’Reilly Media ( 1 Oracle Database provides a function for returning the date of the last day of the month.Unlike strings and numbers, dates are quite complicated: not only are they highly formatted data, but there are also many rules for determining valid values and valid calculations (leap days and years, daylight saving time changes, national and company holidays, date ranges, and so on).Fortunately, Oracle Database and PL/SQL provide a set of true date and time datatypes that store both date and time information in a standard internal format, and they also have an extensive set of built-in functions for manipulating the date and time.

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