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I get hundreds of emails a day from women asking me about male psychology in relationships and dating. The psychology of women when it comes to relationships and dating is complicated and confuses most women…

from meeting, to starting a connection, falling in love, to staying in love.

The biggest difference between female and male psychology when it comes to dating is that most women fall for a man’s masculine qualities, like confidence, strength or dependability.

“…and then I never heard from him again…” Have you said that? The act of disappearing like a phantom is known as ghosting.

Ghosting refers to people who have been dating or are in a relationship and suddenly one of them decides to end the relationship or dating by simply disappearing, refusing to communicate, and refusing to offer any explanation.

I will demystify men and make men EASY to interact with. You will learn the basics of psychology – what drives men, how they start falling in love, how to make them stay, and how to control your interactions with a man.

If you’re like many of the thousands of women I’ve coached over the years, you want to know how to:.

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It doesn’t matter how men (or a specific man) have seen you in the past. But we often find that quality guys end up going for women without the best looks or status.

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