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All concerned authorities, each within its competence, shall implement this Law.

This Law shall come into force six months after the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

Article (3)Except as otherwise provided for in any other law the provisions of this law shall not apply to the following categories:­The provisions of this law or any part thereof may by a resolution of the Council of Ministers upon the recommendation of the Minister be applied to categories 3,4,5 & 6 referred to in this Article.

Article (14)The vocational training contract shall be in writing and therein shall specify the type of the trade or craft on which the Apprenticee is to be trained, the period of the training, its consecutive.

stages and the wage to be paid to the apprentice provided that the wage to be paid to the apprentice in the last stage of the training shall not be less than the minimum wage prescribed for similar work.

Article (6)If the employer entrusts any natural or juristic person with the carrying out of the employer’s original work or any part thereof such any natural or juristic person shall equally treat his workers and the workers of the original employer whom he employs for the carrying out of that work in regard to entitlements and privileges.

The employer and any such natural or juristic person shall be jointly liable for the payment of these entitlements and privileges to the extent of the sums for which the employer is liable to the person entrusted with the work.

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