Quicken stock prices not updating

However, these financial aggregation services tend to be read-only and are better suited for alerts or reporting your finances.Reconciliation and online bill pay aren’t available with these types of services.continue down the list - does one OZ share fail to update on its own?Check the setup of any share that does not update on its own. Hi John, I did what you said and yes it started the down load for the individual ones. I have ticked all the share quotes as that is what I really want.I did not tick the "all ordinaries" as that might be an issue. Did not have that in File one, I think that was created when I set up file 2 a couple of years ago. In currencies it shows that I am using AUDWell the table in File 1 is bigger as it has more watch list items in it, but yes they are all ticked and the Symbols of the same companies are the same in each file.

Checked all that still not working, it only updates the 3 American indices.A lot of the stock quotes in this watch list are the same as the ones that I have in the second data file.Hi John, Had a good look and noticed that in the security details of file 1 I can actually change the Currency and in File 2 I cannot change it, it is greyed out.However, in the two years since the sales, there have been a number of improvements made to Quicken.At one time, this software was the only game in town.

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