Racial preferences revealed by online dating

You'd have to ask a black woman if you want further extrapolation. blame feminism and black "culture" for the crappy dating scenes of black women. We still live in the shadow of colonialism and that's just how it is. Lesbians are just coolerblack women have no standards.70% of all births in the black community happen out of wedlock.

Baby mammas breeding with every low class thug for welfare is why nobody respects black women.

70% is rediculous and there are many ppl that consider this normal and acceptable "culture".

Meanwhile the single greatest predictor of success in a child's life is being raised in an intact home with a father.

If there's honestly someone that looks at statistics like that and uses it to rule out certain races for dating entirely then that's just sad lol.

Compare that to the highest response rate a man has, which is 9.3%, black women replying to black men.

How does the fact that black women are more likely to be obese factor into it?

At my college a lot of the Koreans stick to themselves and speak Korean on the buses and in passing so its just a tad bit more difficult to approach them. On the upside, they seem far less egotistical than white girls/ latinas. Black reason: this one is a bit harder to explain b/c they range so drastically on the scale, there are some Black chicks that are super fucking fine. and then there's the ghetto "oh no she di-n't" type of black chick (sounds like a stereotype but I shit you not I have physically seen them and heard these very words) They're louder and rather obnoxious, I suppose they might have become this way as a way to deal with Black men.

There was this one girl, Shakina, oh god did she fit this very description.

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