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Madison is a former child actress who recovered from a heroin addiction two years ago and is seeking a fresh start.Her skeletons are former acquaintances who suffered as a result of her addiction: her stepsister Rachel, who arrived to the house in episode 11, and ex Skyler, who arrived to the house in episode 12.Nicole participated in track and field at Tottenville High School, graduated from St.John's University, and works as an EMT on Staten Island.

Being the two whitest straight people in the house, they've naturally begun a flirtation that involves goofy touching and joking and rolling around on beds together and, uh oh, Ryan being uppity and weird and insisting on reminding her that he has a girlfriend wasting away back home somewhere in the dungeons of the Keystone. I have a girlfriend" because, in this post- world of dashing young men and the girls who must be careful not to turn them on lest the men do something awful that would be all the girls' fault, it was up to Kumbaya to stay away from him. Then, after they went to a jokey pole dance class and Ryan made jokes that were "funny" when gawky but curiously confident boys from your 10th grade English class made them but are not at all now, Ryan sent an email to the lass saying, again, "I have a girlfriend... The heaving is her bosom, which Scotty lovingly calls the Silicon Valley. (Or, more likely, the only restaurant that will let them film.) Devyn was not feeling it and told Scotty that he should date a black girl, but it didn't matter anyway because Chet was chetting up the model (unsuccessfully, see below) and it was later revealed that Scotty is in love with a girl back home and he had kind of lied about it.

This season marks the first time that the show has aired on a night other than a Wednesday since the seventeenth season.

No reunion special was produced, marking the first time since the tenth season in 2001.

The rest of the cast seem to be cut from the usual cloth: Devyn – A former teen beauty queen with a big rack who wants to sing and act. I guess this is an “improvement” over the “angry black girl” which I have had more than enough of.

Real World: Skeletons is the thirtieth season of MTV's reality television series Real World, which focuses on a group of diverse strangers living together for several months in a different city each season, as cameras document their lives and interpersonal relationships.

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