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It was a great environment in which to meet godly sisters and brothers in the Lord.

It was then that I met a sister on the site who, at one point, I thought was to be my life partner. After this second “failed” online relationship, I began to get rather disillusioned with online dating.

This brother in the Lord saw the need to create not only a truly Christian online singes website, but a specifically Reformed Christian online singes website. So in 2005, Dean Scott had Sovereign Grace (SGS) up and running.

Once it was, many friends who had been on the previously mentioned “Christian” website were alerted about this new Reformed website – a site that would be specifically for us who were different in our walk with the Lord Jesus Christ than those in mainline churches. I’m very thankful for the sister in the Lord who led me, and many others, to it, as I soon realized this site was indeed legitimate.

But am I trying to say that you shouldn’t use any other “Christian” or singles websites? But the problem that comes with these other sites is the constant temptation to compromise your faith – compromise your relationship with God – because most of the people you meet are not going to be a spiritual match with you. So I’ve seen people become willing to compromise, and they have either left the Reformed faith, or been misled by not fully understanding their mate by not watching for red flags.

So, the only way to use a secular, or generically Christian site, is if you are willing to ask tough questions right away, and ruthlessly weed out anyone who does not love the Lord as you do. Much grief can be avoided by observing potential life partners very carefully in their natural habitat and immediate surroundings in meet and greets.

Am I prepared to be faithful, both mentally and physically? If so, the very first thing to do is get your relationship with God right. Enjoy time with and serve your local Body of Christ. One of them – whether online or not – may just turn out to be a lifelong love, blessed by God and truly joyful.

Do the work the Lord has given you for employment or vocation with all your heart.

Recalling someone’s wise advice, I considered how I was to surrender all of my desires to the Lord and delight in Him, “and He will give you the desires of your heart” (Ps. I knew I needed to make the Lord’s priorities my own.

I also discovered some of the pros and cons of online dating.

Over time I soon noticed that many on this site who claimed to be Christian were not necessarily so, and that there was a real need to test the spirits (1 John 4:1). After all, God says there are weeds mixed in with the wheat in the Church (Matt. But it took me time to realize, and after I did, I had a lot of online correspondence with people on the site trying to warn them to be careful and not trust every site or person who claimed to be “Christian.” During my first paid term on the site I met a dear sister in the Lord.

When I came across her profile I prayed once again “Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven” and I initiated contact with her.

Not expecting anything from it, I once again was put to the test, and called upon to practice the gifts of the Spirit (Gal. Two days later, upon revisiting SGS’s website, I noticed there was a message in my mailbox from her (we did not know one another other than our aliases).

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They have built their marriage on this and the promises of God’s infallible word.

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