Religious veiws on interracial dating

Some couples are of the same religion; others are inter-faith. Supreme Court declared miscegenation laws unconstitutional. Interracial marriages are now legal everywhere in North America; they are increasing in numbers.To some Christians, the relationship between two spouses is considered permanent.It is symbolic of the relationship between Christ and his church.A growing percentage -- almost a majority -- of couples are deciding to have their marriage ceremony performed outside of a church, mosque, synagogue, temple, etc. However, because of the DOMA law, they receive none of the federal benefits at this time.The vast majority of couples form opposite-sex marriages. Government issued a list of over 1,000 laws giving special federal rights, privileges and responsibilities to opposite-sex married couples. Anthropologists have observed that all societies have some form of marriage arrangement or arrangements. It is reasonable to assume that all human cultures, even in pre-historic times, had some form or forms of religiously sanctioned marriage.Unfortunately for the gay and lesbian couples who wished to get married, the state refused to issue them marriage licenses.This brief window was closed by a court injunction obtained by the state.

In many countries in Europe and elsewhere, a couple goes to their city hall to have their relationship recognized as a marriage by the government.Its incidents vary in different countries, but what are its essential elements and invariable features?If it be of common acceptance and existence, it must have some pervading identity and universal basis.Both give the spouses the same state rights, benefits and obligations; just the legal name is different.If they separate, they may go to state courts to obtain a divorce.

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