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On the Row Item Created I manipulate the textbox if its in Edit Mode, and add javascript code to it, specifically an on Focus and an on Key Press event.

All it does is to put what ever is typed in the textbox into a larger textbox at the top of the screen.

The only problem is that when I press the Update button, it doesn't like the javascript in the textboxes, and doesn't fire.

I proved this by removing the javascript, which makes everything work fine. e" Where are you getting the Edit command button and command from?

To String End If End If End Sub Public Function Load Roles() Dim dt As New Data Table Dim DBConnection As Ole Db Connection = Dogs.

Find Control("dd Roles"), Drop Down List) Dim dt As Data Table = Load Roles() Dim i As Integer = 0 For z As Integer = 0 To dt.

I have to paste a lot of code to show what I've done, sorry in advance.

I tried to to set the ID of the user control on the page load of the control (this.

why are looping and where did you come up with txt Formula from?

where did you find that textbox to use in your code? I meant Auto Generate Columns=true The Edit command button is set by setting the Auto Generate Edit Button (I think that's the variable) to true in the code.

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Text = "Protected Sub Show Grid(By Val v Rescue ID As Integer) Dim dt Rescue As New Data Table Dim DBConnection As Ole Db Connection = Dogs.

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