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Kasi's massive 177' first drop towers above the high-speed turnaround element. Lots of work is going on with the Marketing Department and our insider tells us that the video for Kasi should be out shortly. As guests enter the last tidal pool, they find themselves being plunged under a massive waterfall and being sprayed by other park guests from the observation deck. :)~BUSCH GARDENS AFRICAN ADVENTURE ANNOUNCES BANSHEE~ B&M Stand-up coaster to highlight the center of world-renowned theme park. To have it look like an actual park means I am doing my job. Congratulations on making this my favorite theme park on the Atari forums. I have worked at an amusement park for 7 years now and am quite familiar with guests flow, realistic rides, etc. This is one of the best parks I have ever seen on the forums.

i kinda forgot where i was going with this, but maybe someone can finish my explaination for me. :rolleyes: This park is really taking shape, except the Splash Down doesn't look right and the rocks are way out of place, it looks like they said "Hey, let's put rocks here" and didn't put them anywhere else, try to make them blend in.*Cough* B. :rolleyes: I don't see how bringing up my old park made any sort of point?!? I don't see where everyone gets off saying "Oh, you can't POSSIBLY make another african themed BG park.. " If it's what someone wants to create, so be it... Disney made Disneyworld largely for people on the east coast who didn't want to travel all the way out to California. I am going to repost that, as well as a little treat for everyone. Enclosed are 4 complimentary park passes for you to enjoy in the future. Looking out atop Scorpion's lift, guests are treated to spectacular views of Busch Gardens African Adventure. As night descends, Cheetah stalks through the jungles!

:rolleyes: Everyone's okay with a Disneyland and a Disneyworld in California and Florida... Now, if his park is somewhere in Texas, then it's a pointless duplicate, but if its in, say Washington or California, or somewhere out west, then it makes sense.... Please be reminded these are tickets for admission and do not include parking, dining or miscellaneous expenses. Sunken trenches help to hide Scorpion's 3rd inversion.

Many surprises as well as the commonalities we have all come to know and love. Kihara now taking flight at Busch Gardens African Adventure. It all started in Bakari (which has not been released yet), and they just flowed so well, that the park bought more of them. I absolutely love the entrance plaza, the floor seems to make a nice effect. I'm really working hard to get this one released ASAP. But of course, you probably won't listen considering the park is finished, and it is just my humble opinion. I will agree that as you walk the midways you can always see a ride, however alot of planning went into what could and could not be seen. Unfortunately, but yet brilliantly, Planning & Design decided to keep the name and thus theme the ride around the concept. Hmm, I don't think I can find anything to criticize, great job! Feel free to use my park as inpiration for your own work. ^ I agree, Congo Falls does sound more African and it would fit better since the name of the falls are "Congo Falls". IN RESPONSE TO YOUR COMMENTS Thank you for contacting Busch Gardens Guest Relations. ~BUSCH GARDENS AFRICAN ADVENTURE UNLEASHES SCORPION~ Scorpion will be park's 4th coaster to be publicly released! I won't be able to ride it nearly as much as what I would like to being that I live 5 mins. I'll be giving a more complete overview once the park announces the last of the attractions. Topping out just over 100', Cheetah reaches speeds of more than 50 mph, throwing guests from side-to-side as they race through the jungle. I really like those coasters:) You haven't even seen all of them yet...

A train prepares for the 2nd vertical drop leading to... Kiharas massive elements dominate the north-western corner of Busch Gardens African Adventure! Since then, management has taken down the park fence mural allowing all guests unobstructed views. I still download it anyway just to ride the awesome coaster. You've definately helped hold all of us to a higher regard. If you can see it (from a peeps view), there's a reason behind it. I messed around with working the pavement into the park (or more parts of it) and there were issues with uneven land and the scenery pieces not playing well with it. Park guests haven't noticed and still enjoy the ride the same. However (as been discussed before), please do not use any images/logos that have since been copyrighted! Well if you didn't find anything, then I must be doing something right! [hr] In general news, I'm so glad that everyone enjoyed it. It just keeps getting better and better and better and better and better and better...............(2 years later)..better! We strive to provide our guests with the ultimate experience when they visit our park. Boasting 3 inversions, "midway hops", strobe effects & sub-terranean dives, Scorpion will further push the limits of excitement reaching speeds of 55 mph. Multiple crossover elements and sweeping turns are just a few features Cheetah now offers guests at Busch Gardens African Adventure! wow what an amazing ride it look so good and really i like it alot and ur park is amazing it looks so amzing it looks very amazing Thanks for your comments. I really think the color justs adds some splash to the park.

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Kihara prepares riders for its first drop under the Now that we are in Hallo Weekends, I plan on frequent updates to this one. And that "red coaster" you mentioned will be debuted shortly. Why don't you try a new continent, like South America or Asia. You could have a Mayan city, Inca, Andean Mountains, you could use the black panther enclosure, some of the animal exhibits, a Brazilian rainforest exhibit. I drew alot of inspiration from that park and wanted to give my twist to it, without attempting a complete recreation of the original. Congrats on finishing the park, well it looks finished. The Entrance gates are phenominal, but as soon as you get inside, the theme drops to a very generic theme. I have only one critisism your park is busch gardens:african adventure, so what is amazon racers doing there when the amazon is in south america? Riding that 8 times in a row did not do well on my stomach. Alot of detail went into everything in this park and I feel that it's paying off. I don't really get any lag until I turn graphics up full-quality, but that's only for pictures and videos. [EDIT] Had to throw out some mad props for that poem! Coasters roars into the parks expansive collection, thrilling its first riders April 20, 2007. Crossing under, over and around itself, Cheetah provides maximum airtime on several hills!

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