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The "...peas, cabbage and turnips..." which Emilius Simpson found at Fort Okanagan in October 1826 must have been welcome fare to the traveller from York Factory and a pleasant addition to the diet of fish, game and tea upon which company servants often depended. N., Journal of a Voyage Across the Continent of North America, 1826, Hudson's Bay Archives) In 1824, Governor George Simpson thought the fort's potatoes the finest he had seen in the country.

In May 1912, the Indian Department and the Washington State Historical Society brought the elderly Joseph back to Fort Okanagan in order that he might identify features of the old fort. Survived by wife Shirley (Grey); sons Thomas and Michael; daughter Colleen Harder.

Ronald Ellis 139 Ronald Rupert Heal by Graham Campbell Blair Baillie 143 Dr. A consultants' study is now under way to note specific recommendations and has met with opposition from some of the west side residents.

Once the Oregon Treaty was accepted, only territory north of the 49th parallel remained "British" Columbia. She was a volunteer for many organizations and spent many hours as a worker for Red Cross Blood donor clinics. Respectfully submitted by Pat Carew, Member, Kelowna Harley Hatfield, Member, Penticton Bernard Webber, Member, Osoyoos Dorothy Zoellner, Member, Kelowna Peter Tassie, Chairman, Vernon 196 O. Our donations for the year seem to remain the same and we believe they will continue at this level as long as they are on a volunteer basis.

left here from time to time for the use of those places. Rich, editor, Part of a Dispatch from George Simpson Esq... 50) The status of the fort is reflected in the post managers who were, for the most part, clerks, interpreters or labourers rather than officers of the company. David, Armstrong Blackburne, Ernest and Sylvia, Kelowna Blackwood, Roy H., Sidney Blake, Mrs. D., Parksville Cretin, Harry W., Kelowna Crosby, Beryl C, Parksville Crowe, Mrs. E., Armstrong D' Avila, Joseph M., Oliver Davison, Ruby & Henry, Enderby Davyduke, Ruby, Enderby Dawe, Arthur S., Kamloops Deboer, Hank, Mara Delcourt, Darryl, Kelowna Delcourt, Diana, Kelowna Delcourt, Glenn, Kelowna De Montreuil, Mrs. Eichinger, Paul, Enderby Elk, Charles, Flint, Mich. M., Coquidam Emeny, Jim & Alice, Enderby Emerson, Marybelle, Kelowna Enderby Lions Club, Enderby Evans, W. E., Summerland Fleming, John, Vernon Fleming, Stuart, Vernon Fletcher, Nora 8c Phillip, Kelowna Foord, Mrs. J., Vernon Forster, Tony & Winnie, Enderby France, Jean, Vernon Fraser, Dorothy, Osoyoos Fraser, Phil, Salmon Arm Fredericks, Mildred, Enderby Freeze, Russell, Armstrong French, Margaret E., Kingston, Ont.

The Expenses of this Post, are for the sake of regularity charged to Thompson's River. (See Appendix I) A human face is put upon the relationship between Forts Okanagan and Thompson's River in the reminiscences of Joseph La Fleur, son of the interpreter Joachim La Fleur and half brother to Francois Dechiquette. Vera, Sidney Blow, Robert W., Armstrong Bogert, John, Enderby Bolton, Bruce & Eleanore, Vernon Booth, Mrs. John, Kelowna Denison, Eric, Vernon de Pfyffer, Charles, Kelowna de Pfyffer, Robert L., Vernon Deuling, Phyllis, Lumby Dewdney, Jim & Connie, Penticton 201 MEMBERSHIP LIST Dillon, Carol, Kelowna Dillon, Edith, Kelowna Doeksen, Rijn & Bessie, Kelowna Doerr, Leslie, Oliver Donnelly, John, Vernon Douglas, George T., Vernon Douillard, Leo, Kelowna Downing, Dr. AG, Osoyoos Downs, Art, Surrey Duggan, Dorothy, Burnaby Dunkley, M. & N., Kamloops Dyson, Robert T., Vernon Eagan, Mrs. Ellington, Fred, Enderby Ellington, Tammy, Enderby Elliott, Doreen, Vernon Elliott, Douglas, Oyama Embree, Alice, Vancouver Embree, Rev. Robert 8c Olive, Penticton Farmer, Florence G, Salmon Arm Farmer, Pat & Joy, Enderby Favali, Marjorie & Mike, Kelowna Finch, C.

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When we left Okanagan the train usually got a late start and we did not go far the first day, probably about six or seven miles above the mouth of the river.

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