Signs i am dating a sociopath

Amazingly, over five-days time talking with two different friends who reached out to me spontaneously, to my own shock and surprise, let alone theirs – we discovered each of them were not in great relationships with a few problems, but married to sociopaths.

They each called me because they know my experience.

They are seemingly unfazed; this character flaw can’t be fixed. When dating, it is not unusual for your date to give up time in their schedule for you.

However, if they give up nothing because there was nothing to give up, that is a red flag.

Not only does the sun rise and set for them, but they do no wrong.

They possess a personality disorder characterized by an anti-social pattern of behaviors lacking regard for the feelings of others.

We often define a sociopath as someone lurking outside, ready to pounce.

We assume a sociopath is an anomaly, and not someone we could ever know in real life, right?

Seemingly unaware of how their actions disrupt, hurt, or affect the lives of those they touch.

Their primary focus zeros in on what they want and how to get it.

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It’s just not worth dating a sociopath, and if you do find these signs in your partner, run the other way!

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