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It is very common to want to use templates in more than one place.If you have defined a custom look for a button, you might want to apply it to multiple buttons, or maybe even all the buttons in your application.Silverlight also offers a mechanism for creating object resources in XAML.There are certain kinds of objects usually corrected through XAML that you might want to be able to use in multiple places in your application.Besides templates, it is also common to want to do this for graphical resources, such as brushes and shapes.

There are other parameters we can pass in to control features such as the user interface to be shown while the content is downloaded, the Java Script code to run in the event of an error, and fallback content to be shown if Silverlight is not installed.

Notice the two URLs to the, a hyperlink, and an image.

The image link resolves to a bitmap with some Silverlight branding, and some text offering to install Silverlight.

The standard browser behavior for object tags whose MIME type is unknown is to act as though the object and param tags were not there at all.

So, this a tag and its contents will be shown in systems that do not have the Silverlight plug-in.

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