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Prensky wrote a piece for Atlantic in 2001 - journalist, not research.

There was a resonance about it that people wanted to believe. Nonsense like ‘though digital natives are demonstrating advances skills in multitasking at speed’.

I then followed Professor Gary Sheffield to University of Wolverhampton and completed this MA in November 1918.I feel like the teenage who got into video production age 17 - 40 flipping years ago! A bit, though I lack the drive and have far too many other distractions. It might be as basic as learning how to drive - but you still have to learn how to drive and then set off on a journey where the road signage changes, and slow side roads become slick interstellar space ports overnight.Accepting constant change is part of working in digital.I've been fascinated in Ebbinghaus ever since the OU introduced me to his work.I've come to believe that this is a generalisation.

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