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* Honey goes over to his younger brother and hug him "Hi Chika-chan." "Stop hugging me!!" Honey stops and smiles brightly at Yasuchika then looks at you "Hi y/n-chan wanna eat cake with me?" "You can try but no roast can match to what nature did to both your faces." "GET REKT." Yasuchika yells laughing "Just wait Yasuchika she will roast or diss you so don't get on her bad side." "True." You say innocently "Anyways y/n come to the host club with us." "Uh no." "Yasuchika can come to." "No." "Is it because your brother is there and you haven't told him your dating someone?" "Yup." "Y/n if you come with us well buy you f/f and a whole box full." "OK I' M IN." You say smiling "Fine I'll go if y/ns going." You kiss Yasuchika on the cheek and stand up from the bench you were sitting on "Ok when do we have to go?You see nothing more than a shell with some fantasies about what the soul may contain.To clarify the word “soul” I looked it up on and found multiple definitions." Yasuchika glares at Tamaki and pushed him away from you when he tried to kiss your hand Honey was even more confused Tamaki was also confused You just giggled "Look Tamaki-senpai I'm here because the twins brought me so I'm not a guest, so don't try and give me your fake love." "F-fake love?" "And I have a boyfriend." Yasuchika smiles and honey was so confused *I'm so confused is Chika-chan dating y/n-chan?

To me that means everything except the outer exterior. Initially we fall for the shell, the body, the smile, the face and even the clothes and style of the person we see.

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction 1 year ago you saved someone from a bunch of girls who were trying to hurt him after that you kept meeting that person everywhere You kept bumping into them randomly (literally) Your starting ouran today with your best friends the hitachiin twins...

The twins were teasing you and Yasuchika for dating or if you kissed they would laugh "Your only jealous because the only love you get is from each other." You say smirking "Daaaaannnnggg." Yasuchika says The twins shut up as you started to laugh "Try me again hitachiins." The twins sigh "Shes like the queen of disses why do we even try and make fun of her?

So when you become soul mates with someone and fall in love with the emotional part of this person the love is so much stronger.

I have seen many super attractive couples date for about 3 months.

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