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You’ll probably end up saying something like ‘oh, you work in IT? Trouble is, you find yourself doing exactly the same thing back. Four minutes of banter can whizz by before you’ve even discovered their name. Equally, four minutes can feel like THE LONGEST MINUTES OF YOUR LIFE. You’ll start off full of beans, but as the evening progresses, your stories will get duller. You may be a little nervous at first but as the evening goes on, your nerves should calm.Tip#6 Be positive and don’t bring up negative conversations i.e.When you’ve been single for a certain amount of time, people begin their questions.

By the end of the night, you’re despairing at the state of men-kind. Sometimes, it does not take much to improve your chances.Speed Dating Tip #1 You’ve got to be well groomed; your appearance is the first perception that anyone has of you. Take note, boys; the following sentence is never, ever going to work: ‘Oh, yeah, I come here all the time – recognise a few faces, actually! The most frequently asked questions on a speed date are - ‘What do you do?

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  1. If the parents/guardians of the minor object, they may place a charge of "harassment" or 'stalking' against you or may even file a restraining order to prevent your dating.