Spreadsheet formulas not updating automatically

Recalculate formulas that have changed since the last calculation, and formulas dependent on them, in all open workbooks.If a workbook is set for automatic recalculation, you do not need to press F9 for recalculation.You can use one of the following methods: That fixes it for that occurrence, but in the original sheet which I have updated and uploaded again, the things not updating are only paste links (I removed the VAL formulas which I only added to see if it changed the behavior).when i transfer data back to the sheet and open it it doesn't refresh as it overwrites the values and changes of those cells.Excel cannot automatically calculate a formula that refers to the cell — either directly or indirectly — that contains the formula. If a formula refers back to one of its own cells, you must determine how many times the formula should recalculate. However, you can control the maximum number of iterations and the amount of acceptable change.Precision is a measure of the degree of accuracy for a calculation.

Iteration is the repeated recalculation of a worksheet until a specific numeric condition is met.I have a similar subroutine that I use regularly to update values like this and did so on your "not-working" workbook: You have to select all the cells in advance of running this macro, but it could be incorporated into a more general macro that you would run after every import.HI folks, I am not an excel professional so bear with me. Today the worksheet has decided not to automatically calculate the formulas. UNLESS I click on the cell with the formula (double click) and hit Enter. I copied this across to the new server but it doesn't behave the same when opened on the new server and wont update the links to the data.Macro Shadow has the correct analysis, and I saw the same thing both of your latest files, that is, numerals as text.

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Hi, I have a pretty simple spreadsheet that I have used for years.

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