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“I see kids step into the batter’s box with their hands near their back shoulder.The pitch comes and they just move their hands toward their front shoulder,” says Kotzen.

“There are five people in the infield and three in the outfield. A telltale sign of this mistake is when the batter’s legs are overly straight or too close together during the swing.Whether it is legit news or fake news, it has the same effect—it is unnerving and can cause emotional angst.Investors can manage their emotions during market swings by having an investment plan.Swing may also be used to reference swing trading, which is a trading strategy where a trader attempts to capture gains by holding a security for a short period, while waiting to see if a trend develops.A swing in the financial markets, which is caused by increased volatility, can be seen easily when the price of certain security undergoes rapid, directional change in value.

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