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But in most cases, the couple breaks up and feels the extravagant taste of freedom.

The feeling of freedom will impact those teenagers for a long time until they feel lonely again.

Due to the burnt out phase, couples have to make a choice between breaking up or learning to accept each other again.

It is very hard to like each other again, but if this is the case, the relationship will last for a very long time because the couple’s relationship becomes super stable after overcoming this huge obstacle.

For some reason, the side finding the other half is often the boy but not the girl.

The news always talks about which celebrity is having an affair again, and the celebrity is seldom a female.

However, the crush might feel smothered by the signals from the “crusher” because love can make people act strange and do things they normally wouldn’t, like send 10 text messages or write bad poetry.

At this time, teenagers feel impatient, dried out, and stressed towards the other half either because of the lack of interest or dislike towards the bad habits of the other half.

The relationship becomes unstable and all the ridiculous scenarios in soap operas happen in real life.

There are four phases and two endings in a relationship, and teenagers have different feelings and actions during these periods.

The start of a relationship always begins with a crush. Teenagers often feel shy and embarrassed because their hearts beat fast when they see the crush or when they hear other people talking about the crush.

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  1. My friends begged me to make the right choice, & there were others who tried to shame me & tell me I’d go to hell … The lady from birthright, though, assured me that no matter what, she’d be there for me.