Updating dome lighting

With the release of the official Raspberry Pi display it should be a normal thing to have this supported.

Allthough the display shows the Raspberry Pi's framebuffer and the app already is responding to touch events, the support added is for the display's brightness and on/off status.

Two months ago one of our actions is to update the Pi Dome client.

These brightness and on/off statusses are controlled by the settings/preferences.properties file.

The following line in this file will let the app know it is interfacing with the official display: These lines enable the power off which will kick in after 30 seconds. The previous version of the ARM client supported reading an Light dependand resistor to detect the ambient lighting.

A dome light is a spherical or hemispherical light that is often paired with a high dynamic range image (HDRI) of the environment.

This type of image-based environment lighting has been a staple in CG rendering for years.

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