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We will also need a new combo box to be used for our organisations as showing all 10 organisations in this case would create a very unwieldy chart.

In this example we’ll be showing how to set-up a line chart that will drill down to different organisations and measures.

Highlight the data table, and go to ‘‘ to create the line chart.

If you can’t remember how to do this please check the earlier tutorial as it covers this.

Excel, we’re going to expand the concepts used to create the dynamic data table and create another sheet for the same workbook that will be the home of an automatically updating chart!

Unlike pivot charts, this will be able to update as soon as new data is inputted into the data backsheets, and will be connected to the same ‘linked cell’ as our previous combo box, so the changes will be persistent throughout the workbook.

Next, we need to create a new vertical axis title to contextualise our data.

For this we’ll need another list in our ‘Lists’ sheet that will contain the units of measurement for each of our measures.

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For this sample data set we need Hours, Units of Product (or just ‘Units’ for short) and No.

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