Updating kernel in linux mint

If problems arise, you will be able to go back to the old firmware (via TFTP).

The procedure is as follows: after the device is turned on, a bootloader is launched, which performs initialization of the system, as well as checks and loads the executable code.

After that, you need to configure the network, copy the new firmware from the TFTP server and write it to the device's Flash memory.

A project for creating free firmware for Openmoko smartphones ( is an example of updating the device's software via USB.

If the firmware fails an integrity check, the loader will be considered damaged, and it automatically will go into loader mode until the firmware is loaded over the network.

You then can download the new firmware from the PC via TFTP.

Let's consider various implementations of a software update mechanism in several open-source projects, such as Open Wrt, Openmoko and Open Inkpot.

In a project for creating free software for Open Wrt network routers, you can update the firmware from various sources, a Web interface or TFTP. You simply visit a device setup page (Software Update Section) and copy the new software using a special HTML form.

The project also involves the development of the DFU-Util utility, which helps send and write software to the internal NAND memory of the device and writes the program to its random-access memory.Finally, the system launches custom applications stored in the last section of the Flash memory.So obviously, it's necessary to update the memory sections with user applications and the OS kernel. Sections of the Flash Memory of a Linux-Based Device Events for starting the update process include: You can copy update files though plug media or receive them over the network (in case the system is fitted with an Ethernet port or a Wi-Fi module).Typically, a Linux-based system has the following structure of volatile memory.The first section is filled with a Linux kernel loader, which in turn can be executed in several stages.

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