Updating my blackberry os

But I think it's easier compared to both, for Android we have to choose everything very carefully like ROM number, build number etc.

When we are updating Apple we have to check same things and there are lots of complications when we are working with Apple. Before updating please check the Bundle number, Platform , Branding Version and Nuance Vsuite. It reboots whenever it feels like but works better on charging socket The problem is, most likely, a bad battery or a bad contact with the battery.

I know I can get uma at my house as I have another phone that does it, this is a blackberry 9320 bundle 2039. However, the reason why there may be some limitations that your service provider has set forth. This phone is partially locked and will not show update from 1319, cannot use cursor enter button phone answer button but want to try a reset or reload of os. I have had an update done on my Blackberry Curve phone. After the update I don't seem to have the Password Keeper app on my upgraded OS. Please advise on how to disable this message as it is pausing they music every 10 seconds to display the message.

I have tried ringing the technical team of my service provider but they have not been able to help. This often has to do with the different packages that they offer, that's why they pair up certain version with a particular device only. Cannot currently open messages, texts, and cannot answer calls other than by Bluetooth if I'm in my vehicle. I have loaded bbsak as well but don't want to use it unless I can get the os first.. Consequently, I don't seem to have access to my passwords.

Now I have to go put a bandage on my head after banging it into a wall for days!! Not sure why but it may have been because I loaded the new OS without the SIM installed or just a bug in the version I loaded.

My current OS is and the Model Number is STL100-1. After many many downloads from JSanders listing on the BB support site, I was able to figure out the reason was the SIM.

It loads and all looks ok until the first power down.

I will update the post update 3 reloads to finally the load worked. will reload 10.2So it looks like the mandatory push of 10.3 is a small mess. After doing a 5th reload of 10.3 it seems to be working. I understand the need for the protect but to be honest the upgrade is crap.

10.3.2 loaded and now it's dead and Link states "unsupported device attached" Will keep trying but if this is the way Blackberry is building software their in trouble. At this point I wont even think of doing my other Z10.

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