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Are you waiting for the next-generation mobile game deck? Whether your mobile phone is Nokia S60, Sony Ericsson UIQ, Microsoft Windows Mobile or even haven''t got a handset yet, you can have the fun of N-GAGE.

You can switch between N-GAGE QD and N-GAGE at blazing speeds. Responsive keypad, full-graphics screen,stereo audio system and the thumbpad controls, everything with the real gameplay! is extremely easy to use and requires no installation on your mobile phone - it runs on your desktop PC.

I installed the full version of n gage the other week which removed the demo preview version.

Now after updating to the latest firmware on the n95 8gb the preview version is there again and the full version icon is there but nothing happens when I click it.

Now installation seems to work, but it takes its time. Don't upgrade FW - EVER - and miss out on all the new features & bug fixes available Why can't you simply I've been successful with backup/restore, firmware updates for N95 8GB, and N-Gage by doing it this way: 1: Use "Memory" app to backup to e:\backup: Copy to a PC.

I had this issue and removed a few n-gage related components first, it then let me remove n-gage, and then reinstall. 3: Reformat mass memory with the "Memory" app 4: Copy back to the mass memory.

Hardware specifications: Weight: 143 grams (0.315 lb), dimensions: 118 mm × 68 mm × 22 mm (4.65 in × 2.68 in × 0.87 in).Also I cant seem to re install the new version again or remove it it just says failed. I had this issue and removed a few n-gage related components first, it then let me remove n-gage, and then reinstall.Then came the fight to work out how to log in again I still don't know how I did it, and I might be misunderstanding things but it seems to have wiped my n-gage points.Edit: I can't remember what I deleted but it was a selection from the following list: XML Data Binding , RGA APIs and Repository Files , Open C LIBSSL , Standard C library , AOA , N-Gage , NCD engine , Symbian OS Pipes , Symbian OS PIPS i did a hard reset and the new blue ngage was not there, but there were applications and games that i had backed up, so i restored, and yes the blue ngage appeared, and im back to square one, cant remove.I can narrow the list to NCD engine and RGA APIs and Repository Files. And I deleted the installer, with some NGI tools thingy.

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Apart from cosmetic changes and the replacement of the two specialist gaming buttons (5 and 7) with standard keys, there was no difference in the N-Gage QD Silver Edition to the regular N-Gage QD.

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