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Current Channel and Deferred Channel should be available in the next months.

Discover powerful tips and shortcuts that will help you leverage the latest features and take your Power Point game to the next level.But Outlook still shows the folder was last updated more than 15 mins earlier. You can see the Sync Stats for the Inbox folder aren't correct (this is missing recent emails), unless you perform any of the above steps: The Outlook Connection Status appears fine: When Outlook is autoconfigured I noticed that the Send/Receive group is configured like this by default: If I tick the check box for "Include the selected account for this group" Outlook still doesn't update the Inbox unless it's closed and reopened.It only works properly when Outlook is configured with Cached mode disabled. Steps I've tried (which have all been unsuccessful): Thinking about it, I have once seen the firewall one mentioned above, years and years ago. If there are 2 users, have you tried running them on a different machine on a different network? That would help work out if it's something with the users or the PC/Network.He developed a strong knowledge of SCCM and MDT to build automated OS deployment solution for clients, managed large and complexe environment, including Point of Sale (POS) related projects.This version is slightly older and does not have the latest features, but it has been tested for longer.

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