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[UPDATED] 2018 was a great year for the ecommerce industry.The worldwide revenue of ecommerce amounted almost 2290 Billion USD.If implemented properly, automated marketing will let you: The automation further allows you to customize the store offerings for each customer.Automated recommendations get influenced by what the customers click on during their visit.People are now more exposed to their mobile devices than they are to their computers.Gartner says ecommerce shopping through mobile will reach an all-time high this year.It indicates that more companies will tap into AI powered tools. To create personalized recommendations for each user. With the help of Google Maps integration, these drones are able to discover the shortest route to the destination. Believe it or not, delivery drones will become a viable business component.Shipping and logistics is one area that stagnated in the past years. But nothing extraordinary until 2013 when the idea of same-day delivery became mainstream. Online retailers from around the world confirm that mobile transactions increase each year. If you don’t have a website which is mobile responsive – NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE IT RESPONSIVE!

They are then retargeted after a period of time to generate higher ROI.Customer segmentation and identification of patterns based on customer’s browsing history are massive challenges for ecommerce stores in terms of automation and store personalization.Intelligent algorithms are now hailed as the key to deal with such challenges.Google Admob shows video ads in between mobile games intelligently.When a level ends, a video ad appears with an offer. The only problem is that sometimes the users think these ads are part of the actual game.

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Facebook allows advertisers to select the audience. Facebook pixel learns and becomes more intelligent with every run.

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